Friday, January 19, 2018

We're All Ears :: January Reveal :: Ultraviolet

One of my newest Tesori Tesserae ("treasure tiles") on display at the Gallery Q
Purple is a color I can get behind. I don't always care for the colors that Pantone selects, but this one has me excited. Especially since I seem to have all the purple beads in the Universe in my studio! It is a mult-tasking hue that has so many different facets, so many layers. And I love the way purple plays with other colors. I love purple with orange or red, all the shades of blue, emerald or mint green, soft butter yellow and of course, black and white. I love purple!

Right before I found out what the 2018 Color of the Year was, I met a client at the Gallery Q where I exhibit my work. She was looking for fun earrings. In talking to her, she asked me to consider making her some custom earrings and I gladly jumped at the chance. She is always sporting really dynamic and intriguing hats (due to a medical reason), and she said that she had recently ordered a custom made-to-order hat that she wanted me to use as my inspiration.

Isn't this model just the BOMB in this pretty felt cloche?! My client is going to rock this beautiful hat!
Serendipity that the color the year was PURPLE!

First up, I did a variation of earrings that she tried on featuring flattened lentil beads by Heather Powers of Humblebeads. Trust me, they are far more purple than they seem (funky lighting was not working for photos!). I pulled out some tiny brass leaves that I painted in variegated tones of purple, and wrapped a few gold charlottes for some texture.

Second, I did another variation of some earrings that she had seen in the gallery that went with necklaces by the same name that had a sort of dreamcatcher vibe. These little silver charms are so much more lively when I paint them with Vintaj metal patinas. Some of my coveted faceted pearls in a bright magenta color and brought in a spicy copper bead cap and rhinestone rondelles for a bit of bling.

Finally, I used some of my favorite beads ever from Heather Powers. The patchwork quality of these beads and their shape are awesome. I especially love the coral orange colored blooms. I found that I had these little carved coral flowers that were perfect. 

I let the client know that they were in the Gallery Q and she came right over last Friday. I happened to show up when she was looking through my case, so instead of swapping out the displays, I spent time helping her try them on. I let her know that I can go back to the drawing board and she was under no obligation to buy any of them.

We spent a lot of time together that afternoon and she kept finding other things in my case that she couldn't live without, including several pieces that she said she was going to give to friends "who were so nice to her." When all was said and done, she ended up buying all three pairs of earrings...and six other necklaces and bracelets, too! I was flabbergasted! That is the single best day of sales (almost $400!) for me at the Q, ever. I am quite honored. And I told her that she is officially a collector and a Superfan! And I think that she is going to ROCK these earrings with that hat!

I am very much looking forward to seeing what you created with one of my favorite colors! Your turn!


  1. Congrats on the very successful sale! I bet your client and all her friends will be so thrilled with their new jewelry. I love all three pair shown here. Heather's beads always have such great patterns and colors, and you chose the perfect accents. Your painted metal components are fab. I keep forgetting I have metal paints. Must try to remember. And you're right, purple goes with everything. It's like a "neutral" but with much more personality than navy or gray. Thanks for a great inspiration.

  2. Wow--very impressive sale! I love all of the earrings that you created. I never think of purple as a neutral. I am going to branch out on colors that I use with purple since I love it and have so much of it. Well done!

  3. Nice work on an amazing sale! Congrats. I know your customer will enjoy all three pairs of earrings that you made for her (and this challenge!). I think my faves are the last pair. I love how you used those little flower dangles at the bottom. I have some of that shape... I'll have to see if my wire skills are up to the challenge to get them to sit like that. Super fun!

  4. Congrats on making a great sale. Its every designer's dream to have a client walk in for one piece and walk out with a range. Your client is so pretty and the brocade pair I believe will sit pretty on her ears

    1. My client is pretty! But this is just the model of the hat, just to set the record straight!
      Wish I knew the hatmaker on Etsy! I couldn't find it. Will have to ask her to point it out to me.
      Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. These are all lovely! What a lucky customer! I love purple, and I think you did a wonderful job showcasing such a beautiful color. Wonderfully done--and thank you for letting us play along with you! :)

  6. What lovely earrings that you made. Each is unique and each is perfect. So nice to hear your customer was so happy and found so much to buy and share with her friends

  7. Beautiful - I especially love your wire work on the first pair! And congratulations on the fantastic sale!!

  8. I love it when artists play with the findings - I have never tried to paint mine to match a design! All pairs are so beautiful and different that I understand how your customer felt :) She will feel very special wearing them!

  9. I love all 3 of these earrings sooo much! And congrats on selling so much to one person. Happy day!