Friday, January 26, 2018

🌟Shine like a star🌟

Have you guessed this week's theme yet?!  Clue is in the title ;). 
So today I bring you several pairs of star studded ear candy.  

Group shot of some of them.

This was the first pair I made featuring Invicit pewter stars.  I blinged up the stars with rhinestones, added vintage brass triple star stampings on top for that mixed metal look that I absolutely love.  They are finished with lampwork caps (GlassNatalyaDarlin) and brass hearts.

Second pair features Inviciti's Lady in moon charms along with lampwork butterfly lentils by Helen Chalmers and my wire wrapped hoops.

I made a third pair with Inviciti hands (those Invicit charms are addictive!), added teeny brass stars to keep with the theme, finished them with antique silver plated brass leaves, crowns and lampwork caps.

And finally this pair with Scorched Earth discs.  I didn't add much to these, they looked pretty glamorous just with sari silk and cup chain so I resisted the urge to add more.

 I also made this pair with my painted resin daggers but I'm not too sure about these.  They may need a makeover. 

You can find out if these did undergo a makeover in my show on Monday where I will be listing this star studded lot.  My show will take place in The Jewellery Show FB group.
Thanks for stopping by.  See you again soon. 
Suhana 💖💖💖


  1. Each pair is so different/unique yet so lovely. I like the last pair----I think I would wear them to a New Year's Eve party!

    1. Thanks Mary, someone else did too and I didn’t make to re-make them 😊

  2. I especially love what you did with the large Inviciti stars!!! What a cool idea!! Your designs are always so innovative!! xo

  3. gorgeous collection as always Suhana!

  4. Excellent cohesive collection! I actually LOVE that last pair the most, followed by the funky Inviciti stars. I have yet to actually get myself some of the Inviciti handiwork, something I clearly need to rectify! Here I go, breaking my bead fast...again! Enjoy the day! Erin

    1. Glad to have helped. Inviciti charms are so easy to work with, you won’t be disappointed ❤️

  5. Fabulous star-studded line-up!!! XX:O)<3