Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Caribbean Sunset

My husband and I will be celebrating our 45th anniversary this coming July and we've been discussing some ways we might celebrate.  Our favorite idea, at the moment, is a return trip to a very remote beach in Costa Rica, that we have visited twice before.  
This is our secret piece of tropical paradise!  We stay in a rustic, thatched roof cabin, swim, read in the hammocks and eat fresh fish and tropical fruits while listening to Caribbean music in an outdoor bar. Pura Vida!
So I was thinking about this getaway when I was designing these Caribbean Sunset Earrings.
The colors make me think of evenings in an open-air, beach-side bar.  Picture it:  The sun is going down and setting the sky ablaze!  Its warm, with a light breeze.  You've got a fruity adult beverage in your hand and these happy earrings dangle from your ears.  The colors reflect all the intense hues of the tropics: turquoise, blue, purple and orange. Lovely!

The small, orange lampwork glass beads are by Paradise Beads and the larger, multicolor lampwork beads are by Out West Designs. The earrings are available in my shop.


  1. Gorgeous colors, they look perfect for a Caribbean vacation. :)

    Happy anniversary, have fun!

  2. My husband and I also love the Caribbean and you have truly captured the sunsets in these earrings. Perfect!

  3. Oh my, that looks like paradise! No wonder you love being there. Your earrings are gorgeous. I love that vibrant color and what you did with the wire.

  4. WoW! What gorgeous earrings. I also love your slice of paradise. Happy 45th!

  5. Wow! That looks absolutely fsbulous - keep those earrings to wear when you are there!

  6. That looks like paradise! And congrats on 45 love-filled years! I can't even fathom trying to get my husband to do something like that. But I will be going on the Bead Cruise in April so I will get a big dose of Vitamin Sea! I love these beads, they positively glow from within! Enjoy the day! Erin

  7. Oh how beautiful, Linda! If that's what the sunsets look like in Costa Rica, I really need to go! I hope you have a wonderful trip in July! :)

  8. Oh Linda. . . . . your vision is absolutely right on! I so love knowing what was in the mind when the design was created. These are so perfectly Caribbean, aren't they!!! I love these precious colors. I love Julie's lampwork in these earrings. And what a special place to vacation. I'd love to get some info from you on that place. ;) Hugs.