Monday, December 4, 2017

Drops and Spikes

So here we are in December! I don't really do seasonal earrings, I'm afraid so had a little look in my beady stash for inspiration for this week's post, and thought I'd dip into my supply of Petra Carpreau's ceramic drops and spikes. No-one does drops and spikes like Petra. They are fantastically versatile, come in all the colours of the rainbow and they are just so tactile -gorgeous to hold. I love the way they look like they have been dipped in colour.

Then I got a little obsessed with the same design! I love these pretty czech glass flower beads, and thought they went so well with the drops. I added some antique brass spacers and sweet little yellow picasso seed beads. I love this turquoise version. Who doesn't love turquoise and yellow?

Here's some with rich red drops and gold seeds

Now for some spikes. I love this combination of brass and silver spacers - love the contrast in colour and textures. Some speckled blue spikes and seed beads for this pair

 And green spikes and gold seeds for this pair

Told you I get a little fixated with a particular design!
These pretties are available in my etsy shop, except for the turquoise pair, which have already found a new home.
Thanks for reading! See you in a couple of weeks

Sue x


  1. Gorgeous earrings, love the designs xx

  2. These are gorgeous Sue, love all things Petra too 😍

  3. Petra's drops and spikes! Her signature Bronze Clay makes them so recognizable. And it is her design, regardless of where you might see them, she created it. And I still love working with them, too. Thanks, Sue! Love them all!

  4. Beautiful pieces, Sue, love them!!

  5. Such yummy colors and really intriguing details! I love when there are many things that make me want to reach out and touch a pair of earrings, and these really fit that bill!
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  6. Beautiful collection Sue, as always. I love Petra's work and you turned them into wonderful earrings.

  7. Super duper Sue! Very you and very Petra x

  8. Sue, these are fabulous--colors, textures, shapes. Crunchy and yummy!