Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Ideas and experiments

Due to my illness MS I suffer from something called fatigue. It is a common thing for many chronic illnessess. One way of describing it could be brain-tiredness. Sometimes I just collapse and must sleep. At other times I am awake, but lack the capability of doing anything useful at all. At these times I must come up with things to do of a more simple or automatic nature. Like for instance over the last couple of weeks I've been using some of that kind of 'spare time' for sorting my digital photo library of my own made jewelry. For me this is a kind of meditative work, with the extra benefit that things will end up being much more organized.

Due to reasons I have had storage on a few different units and libraries which have caused in many doubles, triples and in some cases even six or seven copies of the same image. Basically it's been a messy area. The goal is of course one single library with a clear and obvious system. Hopefully I am soon there :-).

Anyway, in this process of sorting I have also come over snapshots or photos that are not of finished jewelry. Most of the time I do not take photos of my ideas or experiments before I discard them. But sometimes I do. So today I thought I'd share some of those ideas with you. More or less good looking. And I think we can all undertand why they never became a finished piece of earrings. Still there are often particular elements of the design that could be inspiring in some way. I hope you enjoy :-)

I used that square chain in another pair of earrings which I have shown here on Earrings Everyday. With pink gemstone nuggets hanging from the bottom. They sold quickly.

Oh my lord how hidious!!!

Some kind of knotting idea. I want to explore this more at some time.

This could perhaps become something nice. I think I haven't used those large wooden squares for anything else yet. I might look into it again.

Nice Golem long stripey charms. They are still waiting to be used.

Lampwork Wing Dings. I love those art beads by Genea. Think they might have ended up in something else. I also love them golden filigree beads. Doesn't show here but they are really nice quality.

Like I said in the beginning, some of the ideas are less nice looking, some more ...
I think I should take photos of my ideas more often. From now on I will. In fact that will be my new years resolution. And I challenge you to do the same :-)

All my best,


  1. What a wonderful post Malin. I cannot begin to imagine what it must be to have MS, although I know what it means to have chronic pain. What a great selection of ideas you are showing, like a little tour inside your creative brain. It's a good idea to take pictures of ideas as it sometimes seems you see a design better from a picture then in real life. Must try that myself more often.

  2. Such a great idea, Malin. I try to sketch ideas if i can -this helps but i haven't thought of photographing things. A good launching point for new ideas

  3. I like seeing the works in progress. It gives me a glimpse into how the mind of a creative works. And I also like the idea of shooting pics of the spark, because sometimes stepping away can give you a perspective of things that might or might not work. Enjoy the day, Miss Malin! Erin

  4. It is great that you take pictures of your ideas and I know my designers who sketch them out. This kind of process recording can be beneficial when creating new collections - particularly when we are stuck. But somehow it never seems to work for me. I find it easier to battle it out fresh each time

  5. It's very interesting to see your creative process at work. Sometimes I can work on an earring idea and it comes together in minutes. Other times I can work over an hour on an idea with nothing to show for it in the end. Thankfully I find it all fun and rewarding. Thanks for sharing your process in pictures.

  6. I love the silver discs! Please complete them! Merry Christmas, Malin! x

  7. Those Golem striped charms are amazing. Merry Christmas!

  8. Dear Malin,
    I wish you all the best. I know that there can be many discouraging days with a condition like yours. I also suffer from several debilitating conditions, so I can empathize.
    Your photos are great. I am loving those glinter beads (if that's what they are) the brushed silver rondelles.
    I hope you have a refreshing holiday season.

  9. It's very interesting to see your creative process at work. Such a great idea!

  10. It's very interesting to see your creative process at work. Such a great idea!

  11. I'm like, Erin, I loveeeee to see work in progress just as much as the finished pieces! I love seeing messy studios too! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Ditto on the work in progress. There are many, many things in those photos that are inspiring, totally! Thank you so much for sharing the story and the works-in-progress. Really enjoyed it. Re your fatigue, I DO understand. I had years of undiagnosed illness that caused fatigue, and then even more so during and after treatment. During the times that, as you said, you are awake, there seemed to be two parts to it; the mind part we called "brain fog." It's simply an inability to do complex tasks, along with a physical weariness that is difficult to explain. Fatigue is a symptom of my husband's chronic illness. It just makes everything more challenging. Sometimes it helps just a touch to know that others really do understand. Hugs. <3