Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I was in the mood for making earrings this weekend, but was frustrated that there was no clear space on my table to actually be able to create anything.  Sigh.  I know many of you fight this battle too.

So I shoved some of the ruble off to the side and put some of it on the floor. I decided that I would begin excavating my work surface by just using the beads that were already on the table.  And I vowed to then put away any leftover beads from those that I used.  I ended up with three pairs of earrings and the start of a cleaner work space.

Orange Butterfly Earrings
These earrings use a pair of my ceramic butterfly charms, paired with lampwork glass spacers, Czech glass flowers and Swarovski crystals.  Although the design isn't technically difficult, I had the darnedest time finding beads that had a pleasing balance of shapes, sizes and colors.  I like these earrings now because they have "happy colors"!

Fan Earrings
I have found that many of my customers are wanting shorter, less showy earrings, but designs that are still unique and colorful.  This pair of earrings fits the bill.  The brick red beads are vintage Lucite and therefore very lightweight.  The rounded triangle shapes are higher on the sides, with a "valley" down the center.  I love these unique shapes.  I topped them with verdigris bell shaped bead caps.  They remind me of opened paper fans.

Lantern Earrings
The brick red and black glass beads I used here are vintage glass.  They are sort of cone shaped, but with flat faces all around, rather than being smoothly rounded.  I topped them with the same bead caps as in the previous earrings (successfully using up the last of those bead caps, thus adding, maybe 2 square inches of cleared space to my table!).  These earrings remind me of little lanterns that you might hang in the garden on a lovely summer evening.
 If I keep excavating I should have a lot more earrings to share with you in my next post.

I hope you and yours are enjoying the summer, even as the "Back To School" displays are filling the aisles in all the stores.


  1. I like these color combinations and the unique beads. These are all fun earrings. I applaud you for clearing any inches on your table!

  2. Thanks Ann. I wish I were a more tidy person, but it seems that creativity and chaos are a package deal in my life. sigh...

  3. Beautiful earrings Linda, I know the feeling...I simply can't work from a 'clear' desk.

  4. I love the color combinations. The designs are wonderful. I find the need to make earrings no longer than 2 inches and I try to have light weight short earrings also. I am glad to see your shorter and lighter designs.

  5. I love your earrings Linda but am very partial to that last pair!

  6. Those last ones, love those beads Linda. What great finds!

  7. I love this color combo Linda. And I am officially in love with the last pair. And hooray for the cleaner work space.

  8. What great earrings, Linda! I love the color combos on all three pairs--great complementary colors--and they all look like they'd be fun (and easy) to wear. I think the fans are my favorites--the verdigris bead caps are perfect with them! Keep excavating--I want to see what you come up with next! :) (I'm in the same predicament and understand only too well!)

  9. I have always said, it is much more difficult to make small, compact, less stuff earrings that are attractive and unique. You, obviously, have no difficulty at all!! The first pair, I totally relate to the time spent finding the right beads, shapes, etc. That is part of what I mean about simple being tough. It is NOT easy. I love the end result. The second pair, I would love to have in my stash both the vintage red AND the beadcaps you have just cleared off of your table. :) I do love the third pair, and my first thought was lanterns so I see that, too. If I had to pick one, though -- well, I don't think I could. They're all beautifully put together with colorful displays. I admire your talent. Hugs

  10. I've come back a second time looking at these gorgeous red and turquoise earrings; my perception of the colors anyway. :) I would love to find vintage Lucite like these. Super Gorgeous design, Linda. :)