Wednesday, July 12, 2017

From a Sarcophagus.

A creative slump. We all have them. Doesn't often happen to me but this week I've struggled to even summon up a pair of earrings.

I've been super busy over the last month with village events, real life and on-line shows, and grandchildren stuff and reckon I'm just tired and in need of a holiday - cue Halkidiki in a couple of weeks time to recharge my rapidly aging batteries!

So for this weeks earrings I decided to take Janine's advice and revisit an old design. Looking through albums from a couple of years ago, I found a pair I really liked and decided to make a new, differently coloured version - the originals had green kyanite with the red enamelled tins.

The enamelled tin sticks are, of course, by Kimberly Rogers . Those gorgeous lapis lazuli discs come by recommendation of Norbel, from funkyprettybeads. Very rich, with the deep red. Favourite colours of the Egyptians; Tutankhamen's sarcophagus abounds with lapis, although with gold rather than copper.
The etched copper rings are sadly no longer available - they were from Tracy Smith, of Cinnamon Beads, who is now concentrating on her jewellery (more's the pity - her copper findings were second to none). Those Tangled earwires are by none other than Lucy Haslam, who is re-opening her findings shop with some new, exciting things for us in mid-August after her move to wild Wales. Hurray, I hear you all shout. Not before time, ya slacker (don't tell her I said that!)

And they've set me off on a real red and blue expect to see more of these colours together. I'm busy studying my guide book from the Museum of Egypt in Cairo - I feel a collection coming on!
See you in  a couple of weeks.
(Precious Violet)


  1. These are really beautiful! Great combination x

    1. Thanks Sue. Not one I would normally use, but I foresee more!

  2. Lorraine SzymanskiJuly 12, 2017 at 2:30 AM

    Beautiful & inspiring

  3. Oh I love these Lindsay. And I am happy my advice helped a bit with this. I have to tell that to my husband...some advice from me might actually be helpful LOL.
    And if you like to visit some other region in Greece one day.... Peloponnese is gorgeous!!

    1. I've been to quite a few places Janine - have been going for 25 years now. And yes, tell your husband!

  4. A great idea to return to an old design. And these are stunners.
    Have a wonderful time in Greece :)

  5. The red and deep blue of the Lapis is very striking; I think all the more as Kim's lovely enamels have a good bit of dark, perhaps black, in them. The copper pieces are indeed beautiful. A wonderful complete package, Lindsay. Striking.

  6. I love how you put these together and the color combination is wonderful!