Friday, November 18, 2016

We're All Ears :: November Reveal

The description of the taste of this vintage 1800s candy recipe called Nectar sounds so intriguing... "It's very hard to describe. Sometimes it tastes a bit like pound cake. Sometimes it tastes like almonds. Sometimes other flavors. And it seems to change when you suck on it. It's a delicious flavor and one that translates well in the 21st century."

The beautiful amber color of the candies was a perfect choice for November. Topaz is the birthstone for the month and there are plenty of beads and stones that give that same effect.
I used citrine, agate and even millefiori glass beads for my drops.

I love the look of that old hand crank machine that they used to make these candies. I find it so inspiring that something so old can be brought back to such a sweet new life! It has a very steampunk Victorian quality to it and it is fascinating to watch. To bring in the element of the antique candy press I used steel washers, twisted links and even beaded links (I wish I could say who the artist is who made them!).

For my contribution, I made four different pairs of earrings inspired by the candy making video and the fact that the candy changes flavors as you suck on it.


So what sweet treats have you cooked up for us this month? I can't wait to see what you did!

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  1. Great earrings, Erin! I love all the variations on honey/amber colors you chose and I'm so impressed with your wire wrapping skills.

    1. Thanks Miss Sarajo! That wire wrap is really simple for top drilled briolettes. Cut a long piece of wire, depends on the size of the bead, but that largest agate drop would be about 12-14". String the briolette to the center of the wire, bring both sides up as close to the bead as possible. With both wires, make a wrapped loop at the top and wind the two wires around the bead until the holes are covered then back up, tucking the ends into the wrap. Easy-peasy! ;-)

  2. These are so beautiful! Love them.

  3. These are so lovely and dewy and look absolutely like lozenges

  4. Really pretty earrings. I love the way that you used the beads to make a circle in the Honey Dew drops. I loved learning about the candy making machine and doing this challenge. Thank you.

  5. Really thought these sweet Victorian treats were a gorgeous pile of beads! Ambers and yellows are sometimes the forgotten Cinderellas in jewelry design. Thanks for bringing these golden tones front and center this month!

  6. Beautiful earrings! I honestly can't pick a favorite--they are all lovely!
    I played along and made some earrings, too (not sure if I'll be able to post them today, but we'll see)... thank you for such a wonderful inspiration! :D

  7. I love all of your earrings. They are beautiful. Your new link service seems to work beautifully.

  8. Love, love the earrings! 2nd and 3rd pair are my favorite! Perfect beads!