Thursday, November 17, 2016

Simple As Black And White

I'm usually the kind of person who sees so many sides of any issue that making a decision can become challenging.  But sometimes things really are as simple as black and white.  Okra or ice cream?  Handmade or mass produced?  Birthday party or a dentist appointment?  No shades of gray there.  These choices are as simple as black and white.
 I recently met with seed beader extraordinaire, Lindsay Starr, when she was visiting her in-laws here, in Washington state, (see her post about this here).  We met at Shipwreck Beads, which is close to my house.  While there, both Lindsay and I bought strands of of these really cool, wavy, black and white beads. Today, when I saw her blog post about our visit, I remembered those beads and decided to see what I could do with them.
I used some black Artistic Wire to connect the black and white beads to some lampwork flower shapes.  I topped them with some faceted onyx beads, then I wrapped the wire back down across the onyx and over the face of the black and white beads.
I like how the black wire wrap creates a diagonal line across the center of the earrings. And now that I've sat with these earrings a bit, I am thinking that I should oxidize those Sterling silver ear wires. I'll add that to tomorrow's To-Do list.
Shall I wear these earrings now?  The answer to that question is as simple as black and white.
The Simple As Black And White earrings are available on my website.


  1. I love black and white, I've actually made a few pair for my upcoming show. These are super cute!! :)

  2. Love these! They remind me of my great grandmother, she always had a lot of black and white jewelry from when she was younger. Splendid.

  3. Love these! Super cute little curvy beads and I love the lampwork flowers. I am a sucker for flower beads. :-) Lovely!