Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winters Cold Beauty

I managed to get a quick walk in today despite the rain. I paused at the end of the lake to view all the bare trees, the gray sky and the dark cold looking water. 
Molly at Lake Sacajawea 12/17/2015
I flashed back to the beauty of fall for a moment. Remembering just a short time ago how colorful everything was and the lake appeared blue from the reflection of clear sky above. 
Lake Sacajawea 11/08/2015
But even in the cold, gray winter there is still beauty if you look and appreciate it for what it is. A time to look inward. A time to rest and renew. How would we appreciate the light if that was all we had? It's good to have dark days. They remind us that we are humane and make us appreciate the warm ones even more. 

So... my jewelry work has been in darker shades of blue. In sparkling whites and crystals that remind me of decorative lights all over the cities now. 

One of my most recent creations, a pair of simple dangle earrings. Handmade ear wires of sterling silver along with .999 fine silver rings adding some character. Beads are Montana blue Czech glass and Blue and White Spinel gemstones below. 
Available at Art & Soul Jewelry. 

Do you enjoy winter? Is is cold where you live? I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on Winter. 




  1. very pretty earrings Cindy, love the cool crisp colors ♥♥♥

  2. I live in NY and love winter. usually there is cold and snow this time of year. I am disappointed there is no snow and temperatures are in the high 50's. Love the czech glass and silver.

  3. Your little Molly is adorable!! These earrings are icy cold and beautiful!

  4. You do these colours so well - think I've said that before! And I'm sure I've also already said 'love your doggie!'. I also love the ear wires on these.

  5. Perfect earrings for the icy days to come. They are ones that would be an everyday pair. I love them! And that sweet pup in the sweater! Too cute! Enjoy the day. Erin

  6. The icy cold comes through in these. . . love the spinel at the bottom!! Icy! As to your question!! Well, it is USUALLY cold where I live, in Michigan. But yesterday it was 63 degrees! ????? Definitely not typical, but that is the thing about MI. It's constantly changing. I remember so clearly that 2 years ago we had our first large snowstorm in November and it never stopped, all winter long, into March. This year???? Who knows! I'd wear these earrings warm or cold. :)

  7. As always, beautiful earrings. And such a cute doggie! To be honest, I really do not like cold weather. That's one of the reasons we left the Netherlands. Our Christmas here in Greece was warm. 25 degrees Celsius during the day, 5 degrees during the night. We have some snow, but only on the mountains.