Monday, December 7, 2015

Looking back

Hi there,
sometimes life just happens, and many small things come together which make you unable to deliver what you had had in mind in the first place. Without going in to any details, this is exactly what has happened to me recently. Nothing bad or serious, just many small things. The result is, I haven't got any new earrings to show you today. Yet I wanted to share with you something inspiring today here on the Earrings Everyday Blog. So I roamed around a little in my archives for pictures of things to show you. I picked three pairs of earrings that date back a few years. I hope you enjoy them. :-)

Mis-matched earrings with all brass findings. The beads in the left one are: pale blue dimpled ceramic bead by ChelleV2, pale blue edged raku ceramic disc by Jubilee, and a roundish bone bead. The one to the right contains: ivory and gold vintage lucite ridged round bead, pale blue edged raku ceramic disc by Jubilee and a pale blue and bronze matte lampwork bead by Gardanne

All brass findings from Vintaj, stripy trade glass beads, white baroque pearls, and pale blue Griffin silk cord.

Stunningly beautiful Lapis Lazuli matte nuggets. Brass findings.

All my best,


  1. Beautiful Malin! They look like a great collection! I adore mis-matched earrings too. :-) Cindy

  2. These are all just splendid, Malin! You have such a brilliant touch. I hope you'll be back to making more beauties very soon.

  3. The mis-matched are my favorite, perfectly mis-matched. I love the Lapis ones too, love the roughness of them and beautiful color! I hope all is well in your world! :)

  4. Hello Malin, I'm glad you posted several pairs; I have not seen any of your jewelry yet. I look forward to getting to know you a bit. And the mis-matched are my favorite also. Although I have come back several times today to look at the middle ones. They are intriguing. I love the combination of trade bead/pearl. It's a great contrast. The mis-matched are really well done. Sometimes I see mis-matched that just don't work. . . . . at least for me. :) These do. They are beautifully done! Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  5. Hi there, Malin! Thanks for posting these earrings. The mis-matched are really cool to see, especially so!

  6. Love these earrings Malin. And you do mis-matched so well!! I hope you can come back to making new earrings and jewelry very soon.