Thursday, December 10, 2015

Solstice Star Shining

I am not usually one to make seasonal or holiday themed beads or jewelry but this construction presented itself to me and evokes a star, the Star of Bethehem or the  returning light of the solstice.
It's the colors of my winters past in Alaska, the blues of the sky and the white of the snow with the magical crystallized sparkle of the ice crystals.

I had spotted these wonderfully organic headpins the first time when Russian artist Nadya of Latirus had posted them on Creative Bead Chat. What better way to welcome a new component maker than to buy her pieces.
What I noticed first when I received her headpins in addition to their delicate and organic beauty was that the headpin wire was a finer gauge than I am accustomed to working with. It's strong enough being the nichrome wire that has to hold up to the firing in the kiln with the clay.
But I realized I could use some of my extremely small holed beads that I normally am not able to use.
I rarely design earrings with my freshwater pearls so it was exciting to  put some to use.
I love this abstract star shape and used a few sparkly Swarovski crystals to highlight the design.
I was super pleased with this dainty pair of lightweight earrings that could be worn any time of year  but seem especially fitting for this month of celebrating  the return of the light.

Thanks for looking at my NuminosityBeads Creations!
Kimberly Rogers

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  1. I've been eyeing up these headpins too. I love what you done here! (I prefer the thinner Nichrome too!)

  2. Perfect combination. I've seen Nadya's work too and have been very tempted!

  3. I think I had those headpins in my cart at the same time you did!! Glad you got them, they look fantastic, ☺

  4. Kim, this pair of earrings brings right to the front of my mind the incredible talent you have. Three components, put together so beautifully they evoke emotion. That is Art! That is amazing. Thank you. These are truly inspirational to me.

  5. Thank you for introducing a new bead maker! And I have never seen this shape of pearls. Lovely design Kimberly!