Thursday, October 22, 2015

Suavity Swinging

 Once again I was put to the task of designing a set of earrings whose main components were so complete unto themselves that I didn't feel much needed to be added to complete the design.
Here is a set of Claire Lockwood's ceramic glazed pod pieces.
I was surprised to notice when I received them that there was a little wire hanging from the inside that  made it easy to attach something.
I had saved out this little copper chain segment for years and thought it the perfect bit to hang some tiny numi-baubles from.
These pieces were a rescue from headpins from a set of headpins that didn't quite work somehow in another set. I had been holding on to them for a long time too.

The chain lends some movement to the design and the red baubles make a nice accent.
I've completed them with some of Faerystone's long copper earwires.

Thanks for looking at my NuminosityBeads Creations!
Kimberly Rogers

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  1. Your baubles and Claire's pods were meant to hang together here! And that chain is so unique and full of energy, itself - the perfect accent. Crazy beautiful ear candy :)

  2. Love love love!!! 2 awesome artisans that make beautiful music!!

  3. Great components, great colors! Love the pods! Love the dangle! Like Kristi says-- love love love!

  4. This is a match made in heaven!!

  5. Still loving these! Think that might be the third time I've said that!