Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Black Inspiration

I was recently asked to make some black earrings for a client. Ideas and inspiration exploded in my head. I believe with jewelry designers, artisans, this is how it happens sometimes

It's either feast or famine, right? 

Dry times of "making" can be so discouraging. I get through the "dry spell" by looking through my past work, cleaning my work space, and then just randomly digging through my supplies. Generally that's all it takes. Beads and components start coming together like magnets. 

However, this was not one of those dry times. This time, the inspiration was flowing like a river in the winter. It's like being filled with a spirit and your hands are not your own. For a few hours you are in another dimension being guided by a muse and when it's all over... you can sit back and bask in the glow of your creation. (hopefully) or be applaud by it- that's happened a time or two as well. 

Back to the black inspiration. 
 I am thrilled with how this came out. 
These earrings feature micro faceted Black Spinel gemstones, flower charms created from bits of recycled pure silver, and small fine silver hoops, hand forged. Available at Art & Soul Jewelry. I see a matching bracelet in the future!

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peace, blessings, and INSPIRATION~


  1. It is such a great feeling when inspiration is flowing. And yours definitely was. Beautiful earrings.

    1. Thank you Janie! Yes, it feels amazing when it all comes together! :-)

  2. Beautiful as always!! I love all the black inspiration pieces in your shop too!

    1. Thank you Kristi! I had a lot of fun making them! :-)

  3. Gorgeous earrings! I love the design.

  4. These are beautiful. The kind of earrings that become a favorite!