Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hammer Therapy

Copper Earrings with Labradorite

When I have a bad day and get discouraged because sales are slow, I can't find what I need to make something, or two components on my brand new computer fail within a month of each other, I pick up the hammer. No, not to inflict injury on Etsy, harm myself for being disorganized, or take a whack at the computer demons; instead I vent my frustrations on copper.

The earrings pictured above are a smaller scale chandelier design, stamped and hammered, then heated to get the glowing patina. I really like the combination of labradorite with copper, and these faceted brios are the perfect size to wrap and use as dangles with the trapezoid shaped copper bodies.

Arabesque Copper Hoop Earrings

These big and bold hoops began with Arabic shaped blanks from Supply Diva on Etsy. Again, I hammer the bijeezis out of them and heat them to add some warm color. The wire wrapping with tiny copper rounds was kind of an experiment. I knew it would be difficult to hold the wire in place on a curved piece like these hoops, so I added some Permalac to see if it would hold the wire in place and not show. It worked!

I feel so much better now.

Gloria Ewing

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  1. I adore Labradorite and love the first pair but something about the second pair really hooks me. Beautiful!!

  2. High five to hammer therapy! It is the best!

  3. Both pairs are beauties but that second pair is really special!

  4. Great texture! I think the tiny beads add the perfect touch to this set! I will echo what Claire says- beauties! And yes, hammer therapy cures all! :-D

  5. Both are gorgeous, I could not choose if my life depended on it. I agree with all the above. High five to hammer therapy!!

  6. Gloria, I absolutely adore the second pair!