Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lucky Girl Sea Glass Earrings

 I don't want to use the word addicted but I don't know any other way to explain my feelings about sea glass. I have a nice stash and I can get carried away for an entire day, if time allowed. I feel time stands still when I am picking out pieces.

I lay out a towel on the floor and dump out a box (yeah, I have more than one) and put on my close-up glasses and light the lamp. Kneel down close and my heart quickens... LOVE just pawing though it. 

What is it about tiny things that get us excited? Beads, buttons, shells, beach rocks... any of it! 

I remember as a young girl one of my favorite things was the button basket. Dumping them out, picking through them and then maybe keeping just one with me. Probably to eventually loose it around the house. I was a lucky girl to live with my aunts and grandmother growing up. 
And there were lots of buttons!  

Fast forward to today... 
Now my bead obsession not only makes sense but also carries over to the sea glass. And still, I am a lucky girl. Getting to paw through it and make beautiful adornments for others and for myself if time allows. 

Thank you for allowing me to share (ramble) about one of my greatest passions. 

These earrings are a riff of a previous set I made several months back. The Peace earrings these were born from had a lot going on. This is a scaled down tiny piece of that design. 

I manged to find two sets of glass pieces that semi-matched. *And managed to drill eight holes without any breakage. Lucky again?
 Natural found sea glass, Lapis Lazuli, Czech glass and fine silver. 
Available at Art & Soul Jewelry.


  1. I love sea glass (and buttons, beads and all things shiny) and I love love love what you made with them. The combination of the symmetric and asymmetric shapes and colors is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your ramblings, I so can relate LOL

  2. There's just something about Sea Glass, it is addicting. It sounds like heaven to root around in a big pile of it, you are a lucky girl!! These earrings are wonderful!!!

  3. These are wonderful! I love the subtlety of sea glass. What do you use to drill holes in it?

  4. I have bags of sea glass that I got from someone who moved from my area and didn't want to take it with her. I really should figure out how to drill into them! I love those little pins at the bottom. You always put great details into your work that make it so much more special. Enjoy the day! Erin

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