Sunday, September 20, 2015

How Textures are Talking to Each Other

 How do you go about your design process? I find this really fascinating since I have found out that different people do it quite differently. How does it happen when you choose the different beads and components in your piece, and/or how to assemble? Where or what is your starting point? Do you work with one piece and then finish it before you start the next one? The list of questions I could ask is long. I'd love to hear all about YOUR process.

Mine is very intuitive and from the gut kind of. I kind of disappear into the "zone". When I step out I love the feeling of being surprised by what I made. And that happened this time with these earrings. I think that the textures, the colors and the shapes are talking to each other. Some earrings I make I really want to keep for myself, these might be one of those pairs. They will be my happy-autumn earrings.

Rustic ochre/mustard/saffron patinated chain links - MissFickleMedia
Perky opaque apple green glass rounds
Vintage Swarovski pale sky blue facetted drops
Messy wrapped oxidized copper wire
Handmade oxidized earring hooks

Don't forget to tell me about your design process now! :-)

All my best,


  1. I don't usually have a plan when I sit down. I dig around my ridiculously messy table and find something that strikes me. Sometimes when I find that I have an idea of what I have in my stash that might work or sometimes I just continue rummaging around to see if anything grabs my attention. It's all hit and miss for me. Sometimes it works and sometimes not and I may even start all over again from scratch. Most of the time it's fun, sometimes you can do that for awhile and nothing strikes your fancy and you have to get up and walk away for awhile.

  2. What a happy combination! You must keep them - or give them to me!

  3. My design process is quite similar to Kristi's, remarkably so! It always amazes me how some combinations absolutely DON'T work and by just replacing a few elements suddenly they are wonderful again. Most of my earrings have an artisan bead set to jump off from and then it's a matter of finding those other perfect elements to combine. Thanks for asking those probing questions, Malin!

    1. Oh Kimberly, I could talk for hours and hours about this. I'd love to be way more probing :-)

  4. My design plan often involves the beads that just happen to be sitting around! I find that they mate up in the nighttime to form intriguing pairs to marry the next day! So I often have bowls of beads and components lying around - no matter how much I try to put them away - and I like to run my fingers through them looking for patterns and shapes and textures and colors. I love that these earrings have such great color values as well as a mix of matte and shiny, faceted and smooth. I like to design with contrasts. Love your thought process, Miss Malin! Enjoy the day. Erin

    1. I also find that I often start with a bead combination that has just happened to lay together on my messy table. I have however never thought about what my beads are doing during the night. Perhaps they have wild brain storm sessions where they come up with cool designs, and then plan how they are going to make me believe that the idea came from myself. Cunning little things ;-). What a great idea for an animated film. The secret world of beads.

    2. That scenario makes me smile!