Thursday, September 24, 2015

Crust, Shimmer and Shine

I recently put a little time into finishing off some polymer pieces that I made many months ago. They needed a final tough of paint to give them some extra shimmer. I really like Lumiere paints for some highlights. It seems I was ready to venture into some color this time of year, I notice that my palette verges over to the earthy tones, blues and green. We're already into the end of fall here in Alaska. It snowed all day long so the brighter bits of color are what I crave (in a crusty subtle kind of way still)
I used Blue Bottle Tree's Rustic polymer beads tutorial once again with a little wire work to secure the donut to the torch fired enamel dagger.
I used Faerystone's industrial finish earwire as they have become my favorite to use lately.
My earrings tend to be longish so I like a nice short and sturdy earwire that won't add too much extra length. You should really check out her shop she's got fancier styles as well as some new dibbles and dabbles and cool connectors she's just added. 

 Here is my Instagram photo of  the same earrings. The filter on the photo picks up the highlights a little more but doesn't erase the dust as well as my photo editing program as you well can see!

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By Kimberly Rogers of NuminosityBeads


  1. I'm sure I've already told you these are fab. They're still fab!

  2. Thank you much, Claire. Yeah I was pretty much pleased with them too.

  3. ***love*** kimberly!!! these are fabulous. wonderful wirework, love the way you're making the pc look like *your* work. brilliant!