Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Raiding the Sewing Cabinet

Let's talk about thimbles. 

They're wee, they protect our precious fingertips, they are passed down from generation to generation of nimble-fingered women. Even the word puts a smile on your face. I'm not even sure if thimbles are used much anymore? Then again, I'm not a seamstress. I'm sure if they made finger protectors for metalsmiths, I'd be all over it. 

I enjoy incorporating oddball found objects in my earrings, so antique shops can be a treasure trove when it comes to sparking my muse. One of my favorite Etsy supply shops sells lots of vintage, old, crusty, imperfect artifact bits from Eastern Europe. These items range anywhere from 100 years old to a few decades old. 

During one order (read: binge) I came across these vintage brass thimbles and the first thing that came to my mind was BEAD CAP! The edges are ragged and they have a dark green verdigris patina on them, and a lot of people may look at them and think "junk, gross, why would you want to wear that?" 

But to me, they bring to mind previous generations of strong, make-do, self-reliant, hard-working women. Women who tended and cared for those they loved. Women like my grandmother who lived through the depression and still mends towels and undershirts and socks to this day.

To turn these thimbles into wearable art, I carefully punched holes in the top and hung them with natural spotted jasper stones in complementary hues of sand, terracotta, army green, and vermillion. I then gave the stones blackened silver soldered caps and hung everything from my extra long ear wires. They dangle freely beneath the thimble, making for really unique nostalgic statement pieces.

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Fabulous idea, the thimbles are perfection. You find the most amazing stones and these are no different. Gorgeous from top to bottom!

  2. As you know, these earrings pull at my heartstrings. You paint a lovely picture with your words as well as your jewelry. <3 xoxo Love them! Love your work!!

    1. So glad you get to rock these thimbles in a whole new way! :)

  3. I can echo the previous statement. You really do paint a picture with the words here. And I also think of my aunt whose sewing basket I was constantly raiding as a child. I loved pawing through the treasures there. And I think that feeling re-awoken when I discovered the world of beads. Lovely earrings, thank you for sharing!

  4. I just love these. I think I know the shop you mean...

  5. Nice blog post Nikki .. I have also collected some earrings and gathered on my website. Please check them out at and let me know at

  6. I adore the way you write. You really do make these designs come alive with your descriptions. And those thimbles are perfect. Breathing new life into forgotten treasures, especially everyday ones like this, is a gift, and you've got it! Enjoy the day! Erin

  7. The thimbles are fab! And your use of them in these earrings is even more wonderful. I adore seeing artifacts like these become wearable art. You really made these into something that will be treasured even more than they once were.