Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Folk Art Hand Earrings by Cindy's Art and Soul

Our hands represent our love, our life, our work. How we hold each other. How we are able to express our creativity through art, music and poetry.

 Created with white bronze hand charms by Lois Venarchick, pure silver fused rings, small gemstones of hessonite garnet and kyanite paired with funky stoneware ceramic beads by cindy's art and soul, finished with a topaz glaze.


  1. Wow, fabulous hand charms!! The dangles are wonderful and I always love your ceramic beads! Love these earrings, so much fun!

  2. So lovely and sweet! Beautiful symbolism.

  3. These are so fabulous - they totally speak to me!

  4. These earrings have a lot of soul in them. I can see them speaking to many people with the symbols and the collected treasures. Enjoy the day. Erin