Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Embracing the Artist Within

Our lives are forever evolving and we are always *becoming. These last few years have been a tremendous time of change for me on many levels, professionally and personally. 
For my work and my art as well. 

As an artist who works, there is a struggle of making a living and also producing what's in  my heart. Feeding the artist within. And trust me when I say that creativity is a constant craving. 

My endeavor into ceramics feeds that artist within to a great extent. I can get lost in it for hours and not be aware of time passing at all. It is wonderful and soul feeding.

See my blog for more of an in depth look at my process.

These earrings feature ceramic beads from my latest kiln batch. White stoneware clay with variegated color glazes. Hints of deep blue, and golden brown with a white matte over-coat and background. Highlighted by the texture.
Paired with natural, found sea glass that really off-sets the glaze colors. Wrapped in silver wire with Hill Tribe fine silver beads and dangle. Ear wires are hand forged sterling silver. 
Available at Art & Soul Jewelry. 
peace & blessings,


  1. Sweet! Love those little melon beads!

  2. Oh how fun, I love that they are mismatched but not really. Beautiful!

  3. And I love your beads, I really must get some from you soon!

  4. Love these earrings Cindy. Like Kristi said they are different and yet the same. They remind me of the beach.

  5. Beautiful earrings and beautiful reflections as well. xo -- julie

  6. I love the way these are not matched, but distinctly different. I also love that you are on this journey. We all are. My road seems to have taken a big detour and I hope to get back to listening to what my artist within is trying to say. Enjoy the day! Erin

  7. I love the sweet asymmetry of these and such wonderful pairings. Winners for sure.

  8. Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous!! The way the asymmetry is so subtle is incredible.

  9. Gorgeous, as always! I love the asymmetrical design!