Monday, July 6, 2015


Last week I had this really fabulous idea for a pair of earrings, I sketched it out and thought about it alot for a couple of days. When I sat down on Saturday to create these cool earrings I had in my mind, they just did not happen. I worked on them for a long time and could NOT make them work.
 So frustrating!!

So after I walked away from my table for awhile I came back and decided that for now, at least, I was going to scrap that idea and go with something completely new. 
So I dug around my incredibly messy table and found these Copper Spirals hanging in the pile...
a good place to start!!

Then I dug around my bead stash looking for something with a good size hole so I could insert part of the point in to the beads. YES!!!! These gorgeous beads by MaryAnn Carroll are perfectction!  I love the gorgeous brick red color and they look fantastic with these flower pieces.

I topped them off with these cool twisted wire beads I recently found at Michaels and they worked perfectly!!!

Thank goodness my creative block didn't last long!!

I have a couple of these shapes for sale in my store.
These Twisted Earrings have SOLD



  1. I like the way this comes together. It is serendipity! I also love your little details, the wire wrapping, the coiled beads. Beautiful! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. I love your spiral charms! They are a perfect color complement to the little donut beads! Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. The wy you inserted the tips of the copper pieces into the beads is really clever and makes for a unique design.

  4. Love these earrings Kristi, the colors are so rich!