Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kenaz The Torch of Knowledge by Art and Soul Jewelry

Kenaz ~ The Torch of Knowledge

 by Art and Soul Jewelry

Earrings, kenaz runic design by Art and Soul Jewelry
"Ancestrally, we each must carry our own torch, creating a path of light that flows through the darkness. These torches are never extinguished, and can be used as signposts in the navigation of the ancestral stream, and to acquire the knowledge and tools from our ancestry" - 

Earrings, kenaz runic design by Art and Soul Jewelry
A simple, yet bold design. Kenaz, ancient Viking runes, hand stamped on copper disks. Forged into domes. Accented with brass for a beautiful contrast of rich metal hues. Ear wires are hand forged sterling silver wrapped in bronze wire.


  1. WOW! Love the texture and different metals. Cool earrings Cindy!

  2. these are gorgeous. I love your use of mixed metals. do you have a rune stamp that did this or did you use two stamps to create the design. they are very consistent so i'm thinking it's one stamp. I like how you added the wrapping to the ear wires , completes the look . these would be daily wear earrings for me

    1. Hi Deb, I used two stamps. One was the Kenaz rune stamp and just a dot for accent. Thanks so much! :-)

  3. Love the mix of metals here! I think that it is a strong piece with very ancient details and I love the warmth of the metal. Copper is my favorite! Enjoy the day. Erin