Thursday, July 9, 2015

Enigmatique Figurations by Kimberly Rogers

When a person find that they have a backlog of magnificent handmade artisan components the compulsion is to save them and admire the ever growing collection. I happen to have two seasonal studios and thus two burgeoning stashes mind you!
To beat this compulsion I endeavored to use up as many pairs of Petra's ScorchedEarth pieces as I could in a sitting.
Now Petra's pieces are pretty popular with us designers for their unique and earthy style so I wanted to add something different to the mix.
Suddenly I came across this other stash of druzy geode slices that I had carefully picked through at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show last winter.
I was super excited to create a collection, a series that would highlight both elements.
"Enigmatique Figurations" were born!

Long and dangly, neutral but with lots of gleam and sparkle, earthy and organic.
I finished them off with some short and simple earwires from Lucy Haslam's Faerystones shop.

Thanks and enjoy your summer!
Kimberly Rogers ~ NuminosityBeads
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  1. Oh my, I love them all!! Those Druzy slices are a perfect match!

  2. Still loving these - I need some of those druzies!