Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Light of the World

Those of you who know me already know that I love using evocative (sometime provocative) quotes to complement my jewelry. I'm an avid bookworm and am infamous for peppering conversations with arcane underused words. My husband always gives me the eye-roll when I pull some old-timey phrase out of my hat. There are so many nuanced words out there - why stick to the same boring limited lexicon?

When I'm reading and come across a passage or phrase that haunts me, I dog-ear the page so I can come back to it and pull the quote. Sometimes they're humorous, sometimes beautiful, sometimes they hurt.

My bread and butter is 20th century fiction---pre-1980s, if I can help it---and I've been on a huge William Kennedy kick lately. His Ironweed series mixes darkness, humor, beauty, and verve in a really delicious way:

" 'Four hundred dollars there, boy,' he said. 'Feast your eyes. The sky's the limit on this trip.'

I took the money into my own hand, counted it (fifties and twenties), tapped it on my knee to even its edges as I would a pack of cards, folded it, felt its thickness and heft.

'It's nice,' I said. 'What are you going to buy with it?'

'I'm going to buy the light of the world and bring it home,' Peter said.

'Where's the light of the world?' I asked.

'I'm not sure,' Peter said, 'we'll have to go shopping.' "

When I was creating these polybells, the little radiant textured suns never really struck me until they were already formed. Earthy warm hues, abstract glyphic textures, ragged organic forms. I formed these from polymer clay, textured, cured, painted, and sealed them. They're deliciously lightweight. Once I looked on the finished bells, I knew I needed to give them a name that dealt with light. The above quote was just perfect.

Art inspires art - a wonderfully endless circle!

Happy Wednesday :) 
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  1. Its very poetic and I loved reading the paragraph about shopping for the light of the world

  2. Wow these are amazing! Do you ever sell your components?

  3. If there were only more hours in the day, perhaps I'd be able to make enough for components ;)

  4. You are always a delight to read, Miss Nikki... I adore how you pair the feeling sense of the expansive wonderment that a search for 'the light of the world' holds in all it's possibilities.. and you captured that sense in your earrings. Your quotes and product are like fine wine and cheese... a wonderful pairing.
    I don't usually play games on my tablet but recently my Aunt invited me to play 'Scramble with Friends'... a timed word search... and apparently I DO have addictive tendencies.. anyway.. thinking you would be SUPER at that game. ;)

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