Monday, May 11, 2015

Summer Lemonade

Today I want to talk about life handing over some lemons and making lemonade with it...

I loooooooove lemonade, especially when it looks like this:

Summer Lemonade Earrings by Nathalie Lesage

Topaz, Chrome Green Tourmaline, Yellow Aquamarine, Copper Earrings
These earrings are so much fun in person!
The gemstone drops on the chains add fun movements and catch the light so well...
I made these last year, and they are still available on my website... just waiting for the right soul.

If you visit my website and it's not 'up', it's because I'm in the process
of making some changes to my site and adding on other types of products.
So don't mind the web work in progress if things look a bit strange.
It's all very exciting stuff :)
Stay tuned!



  1. Beautiful gems! i bet those really sparkle! My kind of lemon aid for sure! So pretty! And love your wire wrapping. I think it really adds to the look of this set! The lever-backs are the perfect choice for these! Really nice design!

  2. Wonderful colors in those stones - love the transparency and sparkle!

  3. Super fizzy citrus colours - lovely.

  4. Very pretty Nathalie! They do remind me of lemonade and also of summer. The green is so vibrant. Love green and copper together!

  5. Very sparkley and fun with the little dangles and the swirls in the wire. Perfect for hot summer days to come! Enjoy the day. Erin