Friday, May 9, 2014

Sea Salt

This. bead. Love this bead. As soon as it came out of the kiln and was cleaned out I was making a bracelet with it. After that was completed I asked my husband if he could please make tiny shell beads to match because this bracelet just HAD to have a pair of earrings! I was pleased with the result.
And here's a full shot of the bracelet...
The earrings are available HERE and the bracelet HERE. If you are interested in having a shell bead or two for yourself please check out Bubby & McGurk Beads or their Facebook page where a flash sale is held every two weeks. Next one is tomorrow (Saturday May 10th) at 2pm (EDT.) and there will be shell beads and shell beads for earrings offered. The sales are lots of fun and beads are offered at a lower price to save on website and Etsy fees, etc.

Oh and speaking of shells....before I close, don't forget about the "We're all Ears:: May Inspiration" by our very own Erin Prais-Hintz.

Thanks for checking out our blog and have a fabulous weekend!

Kristy Abner
Kristy's Kreations 



  1. How dinky are those earring shells?! What a beautiful set. I must try to remember to check out your sale too!

  2. Ooh love both the bracelet and the earrings! LOVE the shell bead with that fabulous glass (is it Roman? Faux Roman? Fab either way!)

  3. So pretty! I love the sea.... and these beads are very pretty and unique!

  4. Love the baby shells on the Earrings - so adorable - such a fun design Kristy! I'm thinking beach already and love the Bracelet design too - won't' be around for the Bead Sale on Saturday - but sure wish I was going to be! Maybe I will see if Dean can create a pair of similar shell beads for me :)

  5. I do love me some beachy-themed jewelry! Awesome designs!

  6. Beautiful earrings, those shells are adorable!! Love the bracelet too!