Monday, May 12, 2014

Athena Earrings

I have an extensive collection of pearls, including some beauties from the Sea of Cortez, some salt water pearls and large cultured freshwater pearls (as shown here). I've been hoarding them for some time, and I do make the occasional special jewelry with them, but other than that, I keep my stash close to my heart.

I've decided that they really need to come out and play. It's not fair to keep them stored away. They are meant to be enjoyed and worn. It's just hard to let go sometimes...

So today, I introduce you to my Athena pearl earrings, featuring a pair of large (~10mm) natural cultured freshwater pearls, wire wrapped in 14kt gold-filed wire and surrounded by an eclectic cluster of sparkling Labradorite gemstones that seem to 'dance' around the pearls.

These sassy earrings would go great with this adorable little quilted Jeans dress, don't you think?

Athena Summer Outfit

You can find these modern flirty pearl earrings HERE on my website.
I will be making more in various colors of pearls/gemstones combinations... they make me happy :)

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Nathalie Lesage
Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist


  1. Lovely earrings! The gemstones really look great with the pearls. I love the outfit you picked out - a beautiful SOFT color pallet to go with the pearls. Very feminine!

  2. Thanks Cindy! Yes, they have a very feminine look. I channeled the inner 'girlie' in me :D

  3. Labradorite and pearls - perfect combination! These are really beautiful, Nathalie!

  4. I love the Labradorite with the pearls, it's perfection! Lovely earrings :)

  5. Beautiful work, so luminous! I love the gold with the pearls and labradorite--labs and gold/brass is one of my favorite combos! Your wrapping is meticulous, really nicely done!

  6. Pretty pretty, beautiful elements you put together just right!

  7. These are gorgeous! I love the design, too - makes them really stand out! I'd love to see your Sea of Cortez pearls - I've seen a few before and they were some of the most beautiful pearls I've ever laid my eyes on - pure heaven!