Wednesday, May 7, 2014

At First Blush

Let's talk about our feminine sides for a sec, kay? 


My whole life I've considered myself to be a tomboy. Sure, I like to wear cute retro dresses every now and then, and I can really rock a pair of '40s heels, but in my heart of hearts, I've never identified with the pink-loving girly girls out there. In fact, for years I've vehemently maintained that I hate the color pink.

Like, HATED it. 


But over the past year something miraculous has happened. I've had a change of heart. I've really warmed to the color pink. Now, mind you, I will never be partial to hot pink or bubblegum pink or barbie pink. But lately I've really been loving blushy salmon coral pinks. A little bit faded and dusty, a little bit of old romance, a little bit of organic girly.


One of my signature staple styles of earring is a wire wrapped natural stone slab. When I saw these plume agates I knew that I had to have them. Dreamy, blushy, a perfect celebration of spring's tender petals. Who says earrings have to be overworked and complicated? When something this amazing can be mined from the earth, cut, and polished, who needs much else? I'm a rockhound, what can I say? I guess that goes along with being a tomboy, too, huh?

Happy May <3
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  1. I don't see myself as a pink person, and yet I'm rather fond of many shades of the stuff! I love your stone slab earrings and these are no exception. You always find such beautiful pieces!

  2. I can so associate with the resentment of pink - I am not a tomboy either but for years I have stayed away from it as I thought that it was girly and started warming up to it only after I started making jewelry and found them to be best sellers

  3. Gorgeous stones! I love the translucent inclusions, and the shape is divine! Yep, a simple wrap is all they need! I'm not as a rule a pink fan either, but I also love the blushy colors--"antique rose" as I often see it called, and dusty berry colors. I love these colors with copper.

  4. That is some awesome slab o' stone! I think that there is much beauty in the earth and you have uncovered it! I am not a pink girl either, more of a spicy hot pink if I must. But I am learning to embrace the softer side. Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. Beautiful natural gift from Mother Nature... I love pink in all the shades it comes in (minus baby-pastel pink), but I too, am rather fond of the salmon-warm pinks. Gorgeous earrings!

  6. The agate is gorgeous! I totally agree that earrings can be simple

  7. Those are really beautiful stones! I was a "tomboy" going up. loved getting dirty and playing in the woods behind our house with my dog and horse. And pink was always my favorite color! LOVED it - and still do. Every shade- almost. :-D Tomboys can like pink too!

  8. These are amazing! Simply is usually best,...and this just proves it!

  9. Gorgeous stone with a cool cut. Wonderful earrings!