Friday, May 31, 2013

Tribal Wrap

I have a new found love for silver and turquoise. I've always liked them together and had an appreciation for jewelry pieces that feature both, but lately, I have made a few of these pieces for myself which is new for me. Maybe my Cherokee ancestry is finally making an appearance? The Irish lass in me needs to make room for this new me. I'm liking it!

Native American

Native American by kristyabner featuring a suede coat

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Kristy Abner

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  1. Gorgeous earrings! Your Cherokee and Irish ancestry go well with each other.

  2. Beautiful!!
    I had no clue you were part Cherokee! Very cool!

  3. Love the combination of modern and tribal! A tribe for the modern woman, heh. You do have fabulous cheekbones. (And now I will be singing "Cherokee People! Cherokee Tri-HIBE!" all night long. Ah well, there are far worse things to have stuck in your head.)

  4. Love this look! The wire wrapped beads are perfect against the metal paddles.