Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hi folks, sorry for the late post today!

I got these cuties made and planned to bring them with me to work and, as I have learned from our own Keirsten Giles, planned to photograph them in the car! Lots of natural light AND shade!!

Alas, I forgot to bring them with me!  I started pawing through my bag and found the camera, a few other little things I was going to shoot, but no earrings.

So, there you have it. Copper flower blanks, texturized and stamped, holes punched for wrapping wire, dapped for depth!  I added Czech glass beads in a very sort of chartreuse green/electric yellow, with a bit of  Picasso finish, which adds a slight touch of blue.  I wrapped the beads on utilizing fine gauge copper wire and the holes I punched!    They measure about an inch in diameter and since I didn't add anything else, they don't dangle more than that from your ear lobe.

I thought they were so sweet, all I did was hang them from my "go to" non-sterling earwires.  These are so comfortable on, and affordable, so when I am not using my own sterling, hand-wrought earwires, I like these.

Hmm, after putting them on and looking at myself in the mirror for way too long, I have decided that these will not go in my shop...they are MINE!!!  I could probably wear them everyday and they would match something in my closet!!

If you would like something similar, just let me know ;)

Melissa Meman
Melismatic Art Jewelry
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  1. Darling! I love your retro flowers, and I really like the way you've wired those little beads on there. Summery with the blue and yellow!

  2. LOVe them both.
    You indeed need to make more.
    You are on a roll.

  3. Those a reso beautiful!!! I can see why you want to keep them for you!

  4. These are just adorable. Love how you used the picasso beads and the stamped petals.

  5. Accessorizing an outfit is something innate in women. Unlike men, women tend to use more than just the dress and essential accessories.

  6. These are great! Love the metal flowers!!