Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Damask Whispers

In March I took a class with Debbi Simon, who is an innovative jewelry designer. We worked with metal and torches, stamping images that were then resists for the flame to produce these marvelous colors and patterns.

I took that knowledge to make some pendants for the senior dancers from my daughter's dance studio. Puzzle pieces to symbolize how they are all interconnected and a necessary part of the whole, and each was stamped with a different pattern to symbolize their uniqueness.

Some of my practice pieces were copper blanks that I had cut in 3/4" x 1 3/4" so that I could practice the technique. To me they look like the softest and most luxurious damask linens that have a shimmery reversed pattern in swirls of blues and greens and purples on the copper. I couldn't let these test pieces go to waste.

This picture is really hard to show the beauty of the colors. You will have to trust me. The pattern shimmers in the light with rainbow hues. And there is pattern and color on each side so you look as good coming as going.

I paired these copper damask dangles with some terra cotta colored lampwork glass beads rolled in silver leaf from Julianna Cannon of Studio Juls. These one of a kind earrings are available on my website.

I would pair these earrings with a soft and flowy sundress like the Varanasi Maxi from Anthropologie.

Erin Prais-Hintz invites you to go on a journey of inspiration at her blog Treasures Found :: Inspiration is Everywhere. You can view a gallery of her work at or purchase her popular line of 'Simple Truths' in her Etsy shop.


  1. very pretty! How do you seal the copper to keep the lovely patina from changing?

    1. I have used Ren Wax. I will have to ask Debbi if there was something else but I can't recall. She may have suggested spray sealants. Her class samples were still vibrant and gloriously colored! I want to play with this technique some more!

  2. What a great technique! They do look like luxurious fabric.

  3. I love these! I really need to learn more stuff like this. Good classes are so rare here that you have to travel a long way or do it online.

  4. These are gorgeous Erin! Lucky girls!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the name you chose for them too. Your class with Debbi sounds like a lot of fun!