Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sand and Surf

When I remembered today was my day to post here at EE, I thought I was going to create some festive holiday-themed earrings using these new embossed morsels I made (more on my blog later), embellishing them with the traditional red, green and gold. 

After sorting through my artisan glass box, however,  I spied these beauties by KreationsbyKaren that were sitting there, waiting to be loved, and all of a sudden, those baroque-looking swirls embossed in my components were huge waves, curling and crashing onto a sandy beach, spewing seafoam and leaving lots of little colorful shells and ocean "stuff" in their wake.

I used silver and copper with these and left the copper bright and shiny! Sorry for my ugly claw in the photo..sometimes holding them is the only way to get them to hang straight!


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  1. Not looking at the "claw"....just the Gorgeous earrings! Another pair...well done!!!

  2. Really beautiful, Melissa! I love the swirl motif, colors, and the mix of copper and silver!

  3. Swirls never go out of style. And they have Christmas at the beach right? Enjoy the day. Erin