Thursday, December 20, 2012

Crazy long colorful earrings!

I posted a free-form wire fibula tutorial over at Art Jewelry Elements this past should really check out AJE if you don't go there regularly...lots of cool stuff in the works, but I digress!  Playing with the wire got me thinking about some other fun things to make with free-form shapes, and I came up with these earrings.

The wire components were all ready to go, and I knew I wanted to incorporate these juicy red-orange Czech glass slices I got from ArteBella Surplus, but really wanted to do the unexpected.  After perusing my lampwork box of goodies, I spied a couple of borosilicate beauties I acquired from my fellow Frederick artist, Julie Delaney.  A very cool, sea green with hints of rusty brown!

Okay...I couldn't think of a name for these...maybe you can suggest one in the comments!

Find these and more at my shop on Etsy...Melismatic Art Jewelry! 


  1. These look like Shooting Stars to me. The long tails and the little bit of flame at the end. I love them! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Look at your perfectly symetrical wire work! These are awesome!

  3. These earring would make a good tutorial!

  4. Utterly charming! Fun for holidays and any other time of year. I love the red Czech glass with those lampwork beads.