Thursday, October 4, 2012

Salt of the Earth.....

A few weeks ago, I attended ArtBliss, where I took a couple of classes and got to hang out with some friends, new and old!  It was great fun and I learned lots...I have a blog post in the works for Art. Life. Love., to share more of that adventure.  While there, I had the good fortune of attending a trunk show of the amazing, Jenny Davies-Reazor.  Jenny and I had met before, but this year we had something in common...we both just got chosen as contributors to Art Jewelry Elements!  I bought several cool items from Jenny, but these earring components practically threw themselves at me!

David Eldreth salt glaze pottery, photo via
Ever since I was introduced to salt glaze pottery, like this David Eldreth pottery, by 2 of my sisters, who are collectors, I have loved it.  I don't have a huge collection, but I have some choice pieces.  These earring components  evoke that same simple, earthy, down home vibe that I get from my Eldreth pieces.

I love that they are components aren't identical!  I paired them with sodalite rondells and lots of sterling silver.  I embellished  the connecting links with Hill Tribe silver disks, wrapped on with copper headpins.

These are the kind of earrings you can put in your ears and just leave in all autumn!  You can find these and more of my eclectic jewelry designs at my website, Melismatic Art Jewelry, or in my Etsy shop.


  1. I have some salt glazed pottery and these components are so reminiscent with the touch of blue design. Nice work.Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love how the charms are mirror images of each other! So clever! It really works! And love your little dash of copper. Another winning design!!

  3. Nice Melissa! Love the rustic feel of those charms and the subtle difference. Love Jenny's work!

  4. Love these Melissa! So cool how the components don't always, I love your designs.