Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Flower Hoops

I am torn. I don't want to give up the flowers but yet I am embracing the Autumn season too. These earrings are a cross between both. Gorgeous deep Autumn colors but with a floral motif.
Available in my etsy shop

I put together this inspired outfit to wear with these earrings.... I totally love everything here. I think I need to go shopping now....



  1. So cute! Keep the flowers! Love those colors together and your stacking is so clever. LOVE the outfit, especially that jacket. I think I need it.

  2. i need that jacket too. it's pricier than I had anticipated though! thanks K!

  3. I can picture you wearing that whole outfit! Earrings included! :) Love them!

  4. Cute! Love the earrings and that jacket! Hope you at least got that. : )

  5. Darling earrings!!! I love the wonderful fall colors in both the earrings and the outfit you chose.

  6. The earrings remind me of Mums! Chrysanthemums are one of my favorite flowers and of course, they are the perfect Fall flower. So, you can have your Autumn and flowers, too!