Thursday, October 11, 2012

Architectural Details

Architectural Details
I keep making these architectural or hardware looking things. These earrings make me think of a corbel, a decorative bracket used to support a mantelpiece or a shelf:
Corbel from RWM
I had an idea--one of those stray thoughts that float into your mind in the shower, or while you're driving, or as you're waking up in the morning--about folding a tab of metal over the ball of a headpin to create a hanging loop. I tried it a few days later and it worked!
I love metal.

I picture these with a Victorian Steampunk-flavored ensemble:
Via Polyvore
You can see more at my Etsy shop HERE.


  1. I want that coat! How much is it? Only $1,305?! I guess I'll take food for a semester instead. Also the earrings are cute. ^.^

  2. Those earrings are outstanding!! I absolutely adore them!! Love how you work the best out of that metal!
    That coat is amazing too, but wow! I guess I need to win the lottery! lol <3

  3. Bellissimi... no, di piĆ¹, meravigliosi!!!

  4. I love the corbel inspiration. Your earrings are just gorgeous!!!

    I want that coat...

  5. I always recognize your work- it is absolutely lovely.

    I have always drawn inspiration from architecture.

  6. I love the way you think! Those are so pretty! The gentle curves of the metal, the patina, the way you put them together. I love that they are long. I am very much into long earrings of late. Stunning!