Tuesday, August 27, 2019

You Need Hands

You'd have to be of a certain age to recognise the musical reference in the title (Max Bygraves, one of my grandma's favourites!) but you needn't do so to appreciate the beauty of these golden hand connectors, made by our own Suhana Hart.
I first came across them when searching for new and appropriate things to incorporate into our recent Game of Thrones jewellery show. They were perfect for earrings I called Aeksion Ondos (Golden Hand, or Jaime Lannister ), wired with emerald carved onyx.  They whizzed out of the show,  I was then asked to make another pair and was interested to find out that the buyer, a friend of my daughter's, was a practitioner in Bowen Therapy. Bowen Therapy is an holistic alternative form of physical manipulation of the soft tissue which can relax contracted muscles and tendons.  So her lovely earrings were an expression of her profession!

When I ordered from Suhana I got an extra pair and with these I have again turned one, and wired so they are 'handed' (no pun  intended!). The briolettes are one of my favourite gems, Azurite, beautifully coloured and striated. I've picked up two of the colours in the stones with swarowskis and added hand made pure brass earwires.
I wonder who will buy them? Maybe someone else for whom hands are an expression of something meaningful in their life. I do hope so.
See you in two weeks
Lindsay x