Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Reading between the Lines.

Last weekend was my biannual visit to the Rock and Gem show at Harrogate - to stock upon my favourite gems and see what's new. It fit nicely with my plan for this weeks blog post - I took with me these polymer clay spikes from Jon Burgess to get some ideas of what to put with them.

Here's a selection of my top gemstone picks; ancient looking African turquoise, rough cut chrysocolla, labradorite, lapis chrysocolla, lapis cubes, leopardskin jasper, porcelain jasper, obsidian discs, shoushan, ocean jasper, and rainbow jasper. Lots of lovely colour and different shapes.

I'll be having some fun with these. For my first  pair with the pop of yellow, I used the black obsidian discs sandwiching yellow Picasso Czech glass. I like the bold mix, and vertical and horizontal lines.

The next pair uses some of Lucy Haslam's beaten copper washers and the marvellous rough cut chrysocolla - again, those horizontal strata lines in the stones really pick up the verticals in the spikes, as well as the soft green at their top end.  A much less strident pair. Simple blackened copper circular earwires (also Lucy's) finish them off nicely.

Clean and simple lines with pops of colour. Hope you like them - both are available in my  Etsy        shop.

                                                       See you again in two weeks!
                                                                  Lindsay x

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  1. you have some fabulous minerals just waiting for their moment...loving the rugged earrings. x

  2. Ohhhhhhh yummy. Love your finds at the show and I definitely love the earrings you made.

  3. Seeing what you bought,then seeing what you make with it is always a joy and often a lovely surprise,fabulous makes mrs xx

  4. They’re gorgeous esp second pair!! I’ve only been to rock and gem show once, need to re-visit!!

  5. Oh, how I love both of these! That second pair is pretty amazing!

  6. Wow! what a selection of gems! and love both pairs of earrings you've created -stunning x