Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Fine Romance

So. It's Valentine's Day - do you 'do' it or not? This year I'll have been hitched to him indoors for 47 years. For most of those we have exchanged cards, for many he's bought me flowers - ok, sometimes garage afterthoughts, but flowers nonetheless. Last year we made a conscious decision to cut down on 'stuff ' we didn't need. We have a house full of  'stuff' that at some point our kids are going  to hold up their hands in horror at; so let's not add to it.  Cards are a casualty of our cutbacks.  Beads however, that's a different matter! But let's quickly gloss over that....

In honour of St Valentine, patron saint of courtly love, I asked Helen Backhouse to make me some 'hearts that aren't really hearts'. Heart cockle shells - subtle.  Then I turned them upside down - because that's what love can do.

 Gold and black/gold chain dangles from the rear and bright blue Czech glass really brings out the blue in them.

  Whatever you do today, make a point of giving someone a big hug, because love comes in  many forms.

                                                                  See you in two weeks
                                                                          Lindsay x

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  1. These are gorgeous. Every element of them - and how you've put them together.

  2. Oh, these are very very special. Somehow, they remind me a bit of a peacock, with those gorgeous blue and greens

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