Friday, October 20, 2017

We're All Ears :: October Reveal :: Harvest Moon

Did you get to see the harvest moon this month? I am sad to report that I actually missed it, as it was pouring for 2-3 days. If you had a chance to spot it, I hope that you snapped a picture or two and did a little jig in it's light to release joy to the world!

I knew that I had the perfect components for this month's inspiration. A few weeks back I had stumbled into an online sale for enameled components from Gardanne. I went a little nutty saying "Mine!" and "BIN!" in the posts on her special Facebook page. So many that I really lost count. But I guess I didn't really care because I totally love her work. The colors are fabulous!

Typically, the Gardanne goodies that I have are leaves, which are beautiful. So I was completely smitten to see the new round shapes that she made. And they looked just like big ol' harvest moons.

The problem was that these were a large dapped disk shape so adding anything else to them really diminished their beauty. I tried other types of beads, from Czech glass to polymer clay to gemstones, and it just didn't work. I realized that I needed to let these charms speak for themselves.

So I decided to just add some lengths of my favorite chain in a chevron pattern. It took a lot longer than I thought it would to get the pattern and lengths just right. But in the end, I actually love the look of these. So simple. So full. So luminous. Just like the harvest moon.

Let's see what you made!

The LinkyTools will be open for the next 7 days and I would love to see what you made inspired by the MOOOONNNNNN! Join in the fun!


  1. Oh wow! These are so cool. They are indeed the perfect harvest moons. The chain addition is so cool too. The chevrons came out so well.

  2. I love how you used the chain. You were lucky to grap those beads.

  3. I love the enamel components. The balance between the crusty elements and the smooth shine is wonderful. It is a great idea to include chain for movement

  4. Absolutely lovely! Those components really are perfect for harvest moon earrings... just beautiful! :)

  5. Those enameled discs are beautiful and the chains down the back look perfect with them!

  6. Oh, Erin, the chain is the perfect pairing for these...they lend a subtle grace in movement. Just beautiful.

  7. The disks are splendid but the chain dangles make a big difference! Fantastic idea!