Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Blue And Bold

Where to begin?  These earrings were made after a horrible day.  Without going into details, we had a potential health crisis in our family yesterday.  Everything turned out well in the end, but these earrings were made on an overload of panicked adrenaline. When they weren't turning out like I had pictured them in my mind, I found myself on the verge of tears.  I don't cry over failed earrings.  Really.  O.K., Linda, deep breaths.  It's going to be O.K.  And it was - eventually.

What I like about these earrings: 
- The teardrop shape of the metal loops echos the teardrop shape of my ceramic components at
   the bottom.
- The electroplated hematite dangles inside the metal loops adds a nice touch of bling.

What I dislike about the earrings:
- They are too long - over 3 inches.
- The wire wrapping on one of the earrings is too loose.
Given the circumstances of the day, there was no time to redo these.  Here's how I plan to improve them later:
- I can see a couple of potential spin offs from this design. -
I think that the metals teardrops, hematite and Czech glass flowers would make pretty earrings without the ceramic charms.  That would make them short enough to be wearable.

I also think the Czech glass flowers and the charms would make simple, but pretty earrings. So revision is in the cards soon.

In the meantime - Bead Fest! It's this coming weekend, Oct. 27th - 29th. Two of our Earrings Everyday members will be there: Kristi Bowman (table #516 ) and me, Linda Landig Jewelry (Table # 518)  Please come by our tables and say Hi!  And to make that easier, here's a coupon to save you a couple of dollars on your entry fee.  Just print it out and get in for only $3!  See you soon!


  1. I am so trilled your family health crisis turned out well! I have been there and it took days for the adrenaline to drain back out. Your earrings are fab. I love where you went with them and the ideas you have for them now :) x

  2. I'm not sure what you had in your mind but they turned out beautifully!! I guess they mirror your tears with the tear drop shape. I'm so looking forward to seeing you my friend!

  3. I am so happy and relieved your family health crisis turned out ok. And I agree with Kristi, these turned out beautiful, they mirror your tears. So, they turned out just the way they were meant to be. Big hugs Linda!!!

  4. Glad all was well Linda. And there are plenty of people around who buy 3'' earrings!

  5. Linda, I'm so glad that all is well with your family--it must have been an awful shock.

    The earrings are truly beautiful--graceful and symmetrical, and their colors are magic! 💗

  6. So sorry you had a health scare in the family. Glad everything is fine.
    These earrings are beautiful. And lots of peopke love long earrings. I think the combination is perfect

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  8. Linda, crying over failed earrings only happens when we are truly stressed about something else, right? I am so glad that what might have been, was not. I do like the earrings just as they are. A lot of mine hit 3" so I guess I'm used to that. But many times I've thought what you are thinking. . . . . my design doesn't need three "sections." Two would be just right. But truthfully, all three ideas would make lovely earrings. :) It's sometimes hard to decide!