Friday, September 22, 2017

Glorious 🦋 wings

Hi everyone.  Today's post is all about resin wing earrings.  I love these so much...I actually love all wing charms, I have quite a stash of all things 'wingy', made of various mediums including enamel, glass, polymer, ceramic and resin.  Today's post is about resin wings.  These particular ones featured in my earrings are by Susan Linda Stokes of Art & Soul Studios.

Lets start with a group shot because it looks really good when I share the link on Facebook 😎.

I wanted the resin wings to stand out so I made them up in one of my signature designs but in a much simpler manner.  In this pair I added pink seed beads to pick up the pink/purple on the wings.  Not too over the top and quite apt for autumn?

There had to be an all purple pair.  Who doesn't like purple!  Same design as before but I kept it all purple with a little addition of turquoise seeds to break it up ever so slightly.  

And a third pair in a different design.  Did you notice how sari silk (and sari trimming on the third pair) have snuck their way into all these earrings.  That massive stash of all things fabric is proving to be very useful right now.  

I'm planning on doing a big Etsy shop update sometime next week.  These plus more will become part of that long as my plan works 😅

See you again soon.
Suhana 💖💖💖

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  1. Absolutely stunning! Love the wings and the designs are beautiful

    1. Thanks Sue, those wings are magical in the flesh 😁

  2. beautiful beautiful and more beautiful! love them all Suhana!

  3. Fabulous as always Suhana!! And those wings, oh my...

  4. Gorgeous earrings! Your designs are wonderful.

  5. Beautiful earrings! I love all your designs! I love how you support other artists by using their components in your work. Just gorgeous!

  6. These are fabulous! I love how they look like they are fluttering!

  7. Gorgeous Suhana! All of them. Very much YOU. Your style is recognizable. Great work.