Monday, July 18, 2016

Vintage Velocipedes

Hi there, I hope you are all having a great summer whereever you are in the northern hemisphere, and a great winter if you are in the southern. I myself have been enjoying cosy day excursions so far, and sitting on the veranda in my back garden. Later in the summer I will be going away on a little trip to the south of Sweden.

Bicycling has always been a favourite thing of mine. As a child and teenager it was my major method of transport most of the year. If the temperature was more than 5 degrees Celsius that is. I could easily bike more than 20-30 km a day just to get to different places. I would still bike every day today if I could, but unfortunately since a few years back I have too much balance problems due to MS. I plan to get a tricycle for grown-ups though, in a not too far future. They are good, but a bit pricey, so I hope to get a contribution from a fund for people with MS.

Check out those old style bicycles on the earrings I made. High wheelers or penny farthings. They are super cool don't you agree.

Art beads:
Tag shaped ceramic earrings pendants with decals of old bicycles  - DonnaPerlinplim
Ceramic cone beads with a pale yellow matte glaze - NadiaTerra

Other ingredients:
Rustic glass beads
Heavily oxidized copper wire
Handmade Sterling Silver earrings hooks, heavily oxidized


All my best,


  1. Hi, I am a new members.:) My name is Valentina and I am an Italian blogger. I like your earrings and your blog! Nice to meet you! ^_^

  2. Oh I love these Malin. I do not like cycling (walking is more my thing) but I do like pictures of (old) bicycles. And these are adorable. I hope you will get your tricycle soon so you can cycle again.

  3. Malin, these earrings are so rustically fresh! I love them. And I really enjoyed your post. I, too, hope that you will receive a donation. A tricycle for adults I imagine would be very pricey. I hope to hear you have one very soon! Thanks for sharing part of your past with us, and for these very cool earrings! :) BTW, I am completely smitten by the yellow glass beads.

  4. Really beautiful patina on those bicycle charms. If you hadn't told me what that was I would have thought it to be just cool graphic markings. Lovely designs as ever, Miss Malin! Enjoy the day. Erin