Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Two is Better Than One

Just a quick little post today folks ☺ but I think its a good one. Once again, I wanted to share with you a design that I happen to stumble upon this past week that I'm pretty excited about.

Double drilled beads can be quite a challenge to work with, they are great for bracelets, but singly....hummmm?  I just happen to thread some thin leather cord through the holes and realized I had a ready made hoop to hang what ever my little heart desired.  From there I discovered I could also utilize tiny silver bails that hug the stone when pulled tight with the leather.  It adds nice character and loop for hanging glass or charms too.  If your eco-friendly and leather is not your thing, hemp, wax cord or even wire could be substituted as well.

Hope this brings some new ideas into your creative time if you have any double drilled beads laying around.  I was almost ready to ditch them, so glad I didn't, now I'm on the search for more, ☺

Enjoy your day, thanks for stopping by and we will see you again in two weeks!!

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  1. I am wondering how and where you have tied, crimped, glued the leather together.

    1. I looped the leather through the last spacer beads and filled glue inside the bead, the ear wire can attach through the loop. make sense?

  2. Thank you so much for the inspiration Lynn!! Very clever and a wonderful idea. I would never have thought about using double drilled beads in this way. As well as the beads with the attached loops (no idea what the name in English is LOL). Gorgeous earrings as always.

  3. we call those bails Janine, or thats what I call them ☺, thank you sweets!!

  4. As always, Lynn, your imagination works overtime and you come up with the most wonderful ideas. Gorgeous! So very clever. I love them both. And thank you for sharing your inspiration with us!!

  5. WOWOW!!! You've really hit on a stunning design. love LOVE them