Friday, November 7, 2014

We're All Ears :: November Inspiration

Okay. Trying something new this month. I was not sure where I wanted to go with the We're All Ears inspiration for November, so I went to Google and typed in 'art inspiration november'. Oddly enough, I found a site I had never heard of called Art-Spire. New follower, here! 

I scrolled down and mention of a short film by students from Gobelins caught my eye. Gobelins, located in Paris, France, is 'a pioneer school in the fields of digital communication, interactive design and entertainment.' Clearly, their students are quite accomplished since this was a graduation film for some of them.

So I watched the roughly 3 minute film. And I was entranced. I wanted to see more. I could definitely see this as a full length animated feature some day. Where did this creature come from? What purpose is it there to serve? Who is this young girl? What magical land does she live in? What is the message that this fim imparts? Watch this movie and see what questions it inspires in you. 


I think that this little short embodies the colors of late autumn and the mystical and wistful feel that this time of year always evokes in me. The hazy grey of the mist in the forest of tall dark trees. The olive green leaves clinging to the rocks and the soft rusty tones of the treetops on the hillside. The little girl's sort of ethnic-inspired coat with the fur and the embroidered trim. The mystical creature energized by the water to create wings to fly. Spectacularly magical. 

Below are a few stills from the animation to inspire you, but to get the full effect, please watch the film!

What inspires you about this amazing short animation?


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  1. Its a lovely animation and I think that it will be a great inspiration

  2. Great pick Erin! I am delighted to find you are thinking outside the box with this one. I can already see there is a lot to be inspired from this short movie. I will be anxious to see how it translates with other artists! Thank you Erin!

  3. Fabulous animation! It will be difficult to pick just one part to represent this beautiful short film

  4. Wow what amazing inspiration, that was stunning!

  5. Ok...I am hooked! That was awesome and I know exactly what I will do! Thanks bunches Erin!

  6. Haven't played for a couple of months...but this one's caught my imagination! Off to the workbench!
    Thanks, Erin.

  7. In playing with this inspiration I have created the most beautiful polymer clay of my life. Thank you!

  8. Erin, the choice of this video was inspired genius! I was entranced by the film and knew instantly the effect I wanted to achieve. So cool! All of these comments are exciting; everyone seems to have been enticed. Susan created the most beautiful clay of her life inspired by your invitation, and I just created my favorite pair of earrings ever. The process was a magical experience, just like the video.

    I have a question, though. I am writing my post and can't seem to solve the problem of how to ember a video into blogger. I tried embedding using the HTML tab, but it won't accept it. How did you imbed the video, Erin? I really want non-participating readers to be able to watch the video. I could always link to your post, but I just want to imbed it. Any suggestions?

    1. Thanks, Erin, for your help. I was having hiccups using both the web version in HTML and the app version. They don't play well together. Decided to just stick with the link.

  9. I couldn't embed the video I just put in the link.