Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sands of Giza

Sands of Giza Earrings

In their quest for immortality, the pharaohs of ancient Egypt were compelled to build these awe inspiring monuments to serve as their tombs. Other theories suggest they were actual places of residence for the pharaohs after their earthly death, because they may have thought of themselves as gods. It is speculated that pyramids could have been astronomical observatories, or archives to preserve valuable information for future generations. They may have been built "just because they could", to demonstrate to potential enemies that Egypt was superior to their neighbors and dare not be challenged. Whatever the reason, the pyramids of Giza are still with us after 5,000 years and iconic as they were intended to be.

My earrings echo some of that desert mystery in the distressed pewter charms and their raised pyramid pattern. These rugged ancient looking drop charms are from Vincent at Inviciti, who has developed his own distinctive style of patinas for his cast pewter components. The coin shaped beads are called green line jasper for obvious reasons. I love the sandy color of these beads and they combined beautifully with rustic apatite rondelles. I prefer to mix the metals because it adds contrast to the distressed pewter and soft colors of the stones. The wrapping wire is antique brass, and the ear wires are handmade from oxidized copper.

Gloria Ewing

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  1. I recently discovered Inviciti--fabulous stuff! Love the colors you've combined them with here--sand and sky!

  2. Wow, these earrings are sooooo beautiful! I love the colors and design!

  3. Looooooooooooove these! I have to say, your picture choice (Pyramids) as well as your description is spot on, and inviting!

  4. Wonderful earrings, I love all the individual components. I love mixing metals too, have to have at least 2 different kinds in everything!!