Friday, October 17, 2014

We're All Ears :: October Reveal

The inspiration for October was the super cool art of marbleizing. I desperately wanted to do some marbleizing for my earrings but time got the better of me and I couldn't work out all the kinks. I did, however, make a glorious mess! That is part of my process, it just didn't work to my advantage this time. I did have some limited luck doing what is called water marble, which you can check out on this great YouTube video tutorial. You basically float nail polish in a small cup of water and you can achieve the similar look of the marbleized paper but on three dimensional objects, like nails (although that would be crazy messy!). Check it out!

As luck would have it, I did remember that I happened to have a few strands of some marbleized wood beads. These are inexpensive spacers, and I got them several years ago at, of all places, an interior design shop in downtown Galena, IL when I visited the ladies of Vintaj. I was just intrigued by them, but never found a good use for them, until now. 

I decided to keep these simple. I went for a double strand of some black leather cord with the bright primary colors. I added these funky flower gear shapes for a little interest. I think they have a bit of a free spirit about them. I like that they would go with a lot of things in my closet!

My second pair is a marble pattern in black in white. So I did a simple stack of the beads and broke them up with some gold plated pyrite nuggets, placed at different points for interest and a little bit of flash. I have a tendency to make things really fussy, so it felt good to make something simple with great visual impact.

I don't think that I will abandon my quest to marbleize something. I am still working on the ideas, and one day I will get back to it, even if it is just to make a huge mess!

What inspired you about the marbleized papers? Do share!

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  1. Love the earrings. I too tend to have trouble doing a "simple" design. Yours came out great. I also had grand plans for making my own marbleized components, which didn't turn out as intended. My earrings didn't go according to plan, but I still had fun with the challenge.

  2. The earrings are so fun! I love the colors of the first pair! I would wear it with a maxi dress :))
    Thank you for the challenge. Thanks to you I used some of my glass cabs which I've made awhile ago. Question: do you know of a good tutorial on how to marbleize wooden beads? Thanks.

    1. Good question! I don't. But the idea of marbelizing should work with properly prepared beads. I have done marbelizing on 3D shapes. You could check out the links to the nail polish marbelizing as I think that would work, but I just didn't have time to puzzle it out. Thanks for playing along with us! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Now those marbleized wood beads were destined to end up in cool designs in your talented hands, Erin. I love the simple design that allows the beads to shine. You definitely got me motivated to get back to paper marbling. Fantastic inspiration this month (as usual)! Thank you!

  4. Thanks for another fun challenge. Way to use what you had when things you wanted don't go the way you had planned. They all look great.

  5. Fun earrings! I like the bead shapes and the marbleized wood beads. I let the time get away from me and didn't get anything made.

  6. Those are awesome...I love the first pair....if it is multi colored or PURPLE, I love it....go psychedelic!

  7. What a great inspiration and cool earrings. It's great to see all the entries too! Great job everybody :)

  8. Sorry I am late posting! I am absolutely in love with both pairs. They really capture the inspiration perfectly. I love the asymmetry in the second pair.