Friday, October 31, 2014

Autumn Turning

Autumn Turning
I recently set myself a challenge of creating earrings from the hoard of recycled glass discs I've been collecting from Happy Mango Beads and Afrobeadia. I have them in a virtual rainbow of colors! I initially wanted to make bracelets from them (which I still intend to do), but then I got a bug to incorporate them into earrings. The lime green discs above are recycled glass from Afrobeadia, and the perfect little amber lampwork roundels are from Happy Mango Beads.

The colors in these earrings were inspired by the nearly psychedelic hues of the spirea bush outside my living room window, which is currently in a state of a blazing metamorphosis--caught between the cool lime green of summer and the fiery sun colors of autumn. I love this time--October has been unusually warm here, drawing out the season--I feel spoiled, getting treated to an extra-long version of my favorite time of year.

I merged these wonderful beads with a riot of sterling silver--torpedo beads and little round beads, which I lightly distressed with my Fretz mini-texturing hammer--and lots of silver wire. I love the icy silver with these exuberant colors.
You can see these and other items at my Etsy shop.

Recycled glass discs in green from Afrobeadia
Amber lampwork rondelles from Happy Mango Beads
Sterling torpedo beads from Monsterslayer


  1. Mmm, love everything about thrm! They look like candy:)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous and they have the turning of the seasons all over them! Love!

  3. I adore these colors together! Your wire wrapping has a really unique character. It's a beautiful thing that you have this style that is so recognizable and so special. All the little touches you add to your earrings and other jewelry really sets them apart. I think we all strive for that (that make jewelry) and you have surely achieved it! Your work is really inspiring! Beautiful earrings. :-)

    1. Aw thank you so much Cindy! I feel the same about your jewelry--and have borrowed your inspiration myself! I LOVE your stamped charms and headpins, and your stamped rings, and have always loved your wire-wrapping--it's somehow casual and meticulous at the same time. That's the look I want!

  4. Absolutely stunning earrings! I love the elements, the colors, the unique design... fabulous!

  5. Love these gorgeous earrings Keirsten! Beautiful spirea bush too, such an inspiration!

  6. Love your colors and your wire wrapping!!!