Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer in the Prairies

Summer in the Prairies could be summed up by one word: Grain.

In the Central-Northern region of Alberta, every year in July, you see yellow as far as the eye can see.

Canola oil production is a huge deal around here, and confirmed by the sea of yellow Canola flowers that you see all around you, no matter where you turn your head. It's beautiful, happy and sunny!

Couple that with vast clear blue skies, and you know that you've arrived in the Canadian Prairies :)

I have two go-to oils when I cook: Canola Oil and Olive Oil... I love to cook, and the beautiful golden color of canola oil is a staple at our house and in our RV.

Inspired by all this, I found in my stash a pair of beautiful yellow golden citrine drops (their shape and color reminds me of large drops of Canola Oil), that I have coupled with a pair of very playful and sunny artisan glass beads with shades of yellow and a pop of red for a touch of playfulness. These beads also have that bit of 'stormy weather' in there with the silvered glass reaction, which instantly transforms sunny skies into storms almost every night here. 

All set on 14kt Gold Filled, for this golden-colored metal speaks of Summer:

Lightweight, flirty and happy, you can find these Prairie-Inspired earrings on my website HERE.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!
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Nathalie Lesage
Metalsmith & Jewelry Artist


  1. Those are bright happy colors, Miss Nathalie! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Wowzers on the shine! Beautiful beads! Those faceted Citrine drops are so sunny- and like Erin said- happy!

  3. Anyone lucky enough to wear these would have an instant mood lift for sure!

  4. Oh ya, I love the sort of rustic quality of the lampies with the elegant faceted stones dangling below. Beautiful!!

  5. Love these fun and happy earrings! Those Citrine drops are gorgeous!

  6. Love the colors! Very definitely prairie colors, especially the gold and the citrine. Makes me think of wheat fields waving in the wind!

  7. Those citrines are pretty special - one of my favourites! Love the combination of beads with the gold wire - folk seem to shy away from it but I really like using gold-tone metal.